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Our aim is to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. Take a look at the services we offer and please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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Make & Take Spa Workshops

Create a variety of personal skincare and spa products in a fun and relaxing environment.

What will you make?

A selection from Lip Balms, Bath Melts, Scrubs, Face Masks & Bath Bombs etc. Everything is home made with natural ingredients, using doTERRA essential oils. http://www.doterra.com/uk/

Enjoy your perfect TimeOut4Me Experience with colleagues, friends or family. It's great for a special Mother & Daughter Day, a Girlie Get Together, Team Building Days, Metro Men's Session or a Teenagers TimeOut!



A TimeOut4Me natural skincare & wellbeing workshop is a fun experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and as fresh as spring daisies!

In the workshop you will be making a selection from lip balms, soap/bath melts & body cream, using natural ingredients & essential oils and taking them home with you!

The workshops are suitable for all ages. Come along with your friends or join a small group with other like minded people.

Tailor made for group bookings including children's parties, hen nights, mother/daughter sessions, baby showers & even business team building.

Workshops run 10.30am - 1.00pm or 2.00pm - 4.30pm

If you don't see a date you can make, or if you would like to enquire about a special one-off event for this course, then please get in touch, we are flexible and happy to hear from you!


I am a doTerra Advocate and use doTerra essential oils in my products and for AromaTouch treatments - http://www.doterra.com/uk/

Reiki Master & AromaTouch Practitioner

An ancient rediscovered natural healing technique of hands onto the body, in order to channel energy.

Reiki is pronounced RAY KEE a Japanese word, translated it means universal life-force energy.

Reiki works by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field. It clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, allowing the body to heal the natural way. Great for adults & children.


Make & Take Spa Workshops with Home Start Herts Charity

TimeOut4Me is extremely proud to be able to offer our Make & Take Workshops via Zoom with Home Start Herts!


Home Start Herts is a fantastic charity that supports families in need. To find out more about them, have a look on their website:


Untitled design-43.png

Just like a radio needs tuning, so do our bodies. Everyday life can be very stressful emotionally, physically and spiritually. We need to honour ourselves and make the time to let go of stress and negative emotions.

Reiki can be used alongside orthodox medicines. It has some great results with children & adults as it's a very warming, relaxing & pleasant experience. You'll remain fully clothed, relaxed on a massage bed or chair.


I'm a Reiki Master, member of the Reiki Association & I've been practising for 18 years. Get in contact if you would like a session or learn how to train in Reiki.


Session Length: 60 minutes 

Cost: £40.00

Location: Shenley.


Please talk to me to discuss rates for training for level 1, 2 and 3.

For more information visit - http://www.reikiassociation.net/


Bach Flower Practitioner

When we are fulfilled, happy and positive we tend to enjoy better health. Sometimes we need a little help to stay in balance and move forward. Bach Flower Remedies enable us to do so by bringing back balance, well being and perfect harmony enabling you to find your true self again.


Bach Flowers work on a similar mechanism as homoeopathy. There are 38 different essences of the flowers which are diluted and then used in different combinations according to diagnosis.


The Bach Flower Remedies are safe and helpful to everyone - adults, children and babies - and can help ease a number of problems, including:


  • Stress 

  • Depression 

  • Panic Attacks  

  • Anxiety

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Insomnia

  • Exhaustion

  • Shock and Trauma

  • The Menopause 

  • Sibling Rivalry 

  • Night Terrors

  • School Bullying

  • Adjusting to New Schools 

  • The Letting go Process

  • Unsettled Babies

  • Puberty

For more information visit: http://www.bachcentre.com/centre/

Wellbeing Sessions for Children 

Passionate & enthusiastic sessions to help young peoples' wellbeing.

We are helping children to flourish and have life long tools to protect their mental health and encourage them to believe in themselves.

Exploring new ways of looking at our lives and becoming the most vibrant, happy, alive versions of ourselves.


Please contact me for more info!


Parenting, Happiness & Wellbeing Practitioner

The demands of family life; learn how to feel more positive & happy!

Provide and offer support in a non-judgemental way, to enable the parents to improve their parenting skills.


Please contact me for more info!


Wellbeing in Business

At Timeout4Me we believe that the stresses and strains

of today’s fast moving world makes it difficult for us to

devote precious time to our own wellbeing, and a little

bit of ‘time out’ can have a profound impact on our

mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Please contact me for more info!

The natural solution to personal and professional wellbeing.